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    Poliomyelitis-like syndrome in a case of neuroborreliosis with clinical-radiological coherence
    Charles, V.[UCL] Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Ivanoiu, Adrian[UCL] Sindic, Christian[UCL] Kabamba, Benoit[UCL] (2007) 11th Congress of the European-Federation-of-Neurological-Societies — Brussels (Belgium)
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    Clinical usefulness of HMPV quantitative PCR in paediatric respiratory samples
    Verroken, Alexia[UCL] Kabamba, Benoit[UCL] Vaerman, Jean-Luc[UCL] Duquenne, Armelle[UCL] Goubau, Patrick[UCL] (2009) 12th Annnual Meeting of the European-Society-for=Clinical-Virology — Istanbul (Turkey)
    • Journal article
    Acute ischaemic pontine stroke revealing lyme neuroborreliosis in a young adult.
    Van Snick, S. Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Kabamba, Benoit[UCL] van de Wyngaert, Françoise[UCL] Sindic, Christian[UCL] (2008) Acta Neurologica Belgica — Vol. 108, no. 3, p. 103-106 (2008)
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    Survival Outcome after Early and Late Hepatic Re-Transplantation (Re-LT) for HCV(+) and HCV(-) Patients
    Bonaccorsi Riani, Eliano[UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] Hassoun, Ziad[UCL] Sempoux, Christine[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] Julliard, Olivier[UCL] De-Reyck, Chantal[UCL] Roggen, Francine[UCL] Kabamba, Benoit[UCL] (2010) 16th Annual Congress of the International-Liver-Transplantation-Society — Hong Kong (Peoples R China)
    • Journal article
    Poliomyelitis-like syndrome with matching magnetic resonance features in a case of Lyme neuroborreliosis.
    Charles, V. Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Kabamba, Benoit[UCL] Ivanoiu, Adrian[UCL] Sindic, Christian[UCL] (2007) Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry — Vol. 78, no. 10, p. 1160-1161 (2007)