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    • Speech
    Nonrigid registration of multitemporal CT and MR images for radiotherapy treatment planning
    Slagmolen, Pieter Geets, Xavier[UCL] Loeckx, Dirk Roels, Sarah Maes, Frederik Haustermans, Karin Suetens, Paul (2006) 3rd International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration — Utrecht Univ, Utrecht (Netherlands)
    • Journal article
    Molecular and clinico-pathological markers in rectal cancer: a tissue micro-array study.
    Debucquoy, Annelies Goethals, Laurence Libbrecht, Louis[UCL] Perneel, Christiaan Geboes, Karel Ectors, Nadine McBride, William H Haustermans, Karin (2009) International Journal of Colorectal Disease : clinical and molecular gastroenterology and surgery — Vol. 24, no.2, p. 129-138 (2008)