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    • Speech
    Measurement of the breakup channels in nuclear muon capture by He-3 and He-4
    Maev, EM Deutsch, Jules[UCL] Govaerts, Jan[UCL] Prieels, René[UCL] (2004) International Symposium on Muon Catalyzed Fusion and the Physics of Exotic Atoms and Molecules (muCF-95) — DUBNA(Russia)
    • Journal article
    A (p, q)-deformed Landau problem in a spherical harmonic well: Spectrum and noncommuting coordinates
    Ben Geloun, J. Govaerts, Jan[UCL] Hounkonnou, M. N. (2007) Europhysics Letters : a letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics — Vol. 80, no.3, p. 30001 (2007)
    • Journal article
    World-line quantization of a reciprocally invariant system
    Govaerts, Jan[UCL] Jarvis, Peter D Morgan, Stuart O Low, Stephen G (2007) Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical — Vol. 40, no.40, p. 12095-12111 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Duality between (1+1)-dimensional dilaton–Maxwell gravity and Liouville field theory
    Zonetti, Simone[UCL] Govaerts, Jan[UCL] (2012) Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical — Vol. 45, no. 4, p. 042001 (2012)