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    Characterization of SOI MOSFETs by gate capacitance measurements
    Flandre, Denis[UCL] Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] (1993) IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS 1993) — Sitges (Spain)
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    High-temperature gate capacitances of thin-film SOI MOSFETs
    Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Colinge, Jean-Pierre[UCL] Van de Wiele, Fernand[UCL] (1993) 23rd European Solid State Device Research Conference, 1993 (ESSDERC '93) — Grenoble (France)
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    CAD-compatible model for accumulation-mode (AM) SOI pMOSFETs
    Iniguez, Benjamin Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] Dessard, Vincent[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] (1997) IEEE International SOI Conference 1997 — Tenya Lodge (USA)
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    SOI technology for high-temperature applications
    Francis, P.[UCL] Terao, Akira[UCL] Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Colinge, Jean-Pierre[UCL] (1992) International Electron Devices Meeting, 1992 (IEDM '92) — San Francisco (USA)
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    High-temperature performances of a SOI CMOS gain-boosting OTA
    Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Eggermont, Jean-Pierre[UCL] Colinge, Jean-Pierre[UCL] (1996) Third International High Temperature Conference — Albuquerque (USA)
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    Design and application of SOI CMOS OTAs for high-temperature applications
    Flandre, Denis[UCL] Demeûs, Laurent[UCL] Dessard, Vincent[UCL] Viviani, A.[UCL] Gentinne, Bernard[UCL] Eggermont, JEAN-PAUL[UCL] (1998) 24th European Solid-State Circuits Conference 1998 (ESSCIRC 1998) — The Hague (the Netherlands)