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    • Speech
    Automatic grading of programming exercises in a MOOC using the INGInious platform
    Van Roy, Peter[UCL] Derval, Guillaume[UCL] Frantzen, Benjamin[UCL] Gego, Anthony[UCL] Reinbold, Pierre[UCL] (2015) European MOOC Stakeholder Summit 2015 (EMOOCs 2015) — Mons
    • Speech
    Automatic Grading of Programming Exercises in a MOOC Using the INGInious Platform.
    Derval, Guillaume[UCL] Gego, Anthony[UCL] Reinbold, Pierre[UCL] Frantzen, Benjamin Van Roy, Peter[UCL] (2015) EMOOCS 2015 (Third MOOC European Stakeholders Summit) — Mons, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Open educational resources for computer networking
    Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] De Coninck, Quentin[UCL] Duchêne, Fabien[UCL] Gego, Anthony[UCL] Jadin, Mathieu[UCL] Michel, François[UCL] Piraux, Maxime[UCL] Poncin, Chantal[UCL] Olivier Tilmans (2020) ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review — Vol. 50, no.3, p. 38-45 (2020)