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    • Journal article
    Coma hyperglycémique non cétosique induit par la somatostatine chez un patient atteint du SIDA.
    Vandercam, Bernard[UCL] Hermans, Michel[UCL] Coumans, P. Jacques, D. Gala, Jean-Luc[UCL] Kolanowski, Jaroslaw[UCL] (1995) Presse médicale (Paris, France : 1983) — Vol. 24, no. 30, p. 1389-90 (1995)
    • Journal article
    Molecular expression of PSMA mRNA and protein in primary renal tumors.
    Dumas, F. Philippe, Marianne[UCL] Gala, Jean-Luc[UCL] Berteau, P. Brasseur, Francis[UCL] Eschwège, P Paradis, V Lacour, B. Loric, S (1999) International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer — Vol. 80, no. 6, p. 799-803 (1999)
    • Speech
    Familial elevation of serum angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) due to a new splice site mutation of the ACE gene
    De Visscher, N.[UCL] Lambert, Michel[UCL] Persu, Alexandre[UCL] Slachmuylder, Véronique[UCL] Gala, Jean-Luc[UCL] (2008) 18th Scientific Meeting of the European-Society-of-Hypertension/22nd Scientific Meeting of the International-Society-of-Hypertension — Berlin(Germany)
    • Journal article
    Abnormal E-cadherin expression and prostate cell blood dissemination as markers of biological recurrence in cancer.
    Loric, S Paradis, V Gala, Jean-Luc[UCL] Berteau, P. Bedossa, P. Benoit, G Eschwège, P (2001) European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) — Vol. 37, no. 12, p. 1475-81 (2001)
    • Journal article
    Amplification-Based DNA Analysis in the Diagnosis of Prosthetic Joint Infection.
    Vandercam, Bernard[UCL] Jeumont, Sabine[UCL] Cornu, Olivier[UCL] Yombi, Jean Cyr[UCL] Lecouvet, Frédéric[UCL] Lefèvre, P. Irenge, Léonid[UCL] Gala, Jean-Luc[UCL] (2008) The Journal of molecular diagnostics : JMD — Vol. 10, no. 6, p. 537-43 (2008)