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    • Journal article
    Bronchogenic cyst infection presenting as pleuropericarditis
    Mesland, Jean-Baptiste[UCL] Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] Van Caenegem, Olivier[UCL] Castanares Zapatero, Diego[UCL] (2018) BMJ case reports — Vol. 2018, p. 225081 [1-2] (2018)
    • Journal article
    Coma Reversal After Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Therapy in a Trazodone-Poisoned Patient.
    Warnant, Alexandra[UCL] Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] Haufroid, Vincent[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] (2020) Clinical neuropharmacology — Vol. 43, no. 1, p. 31-33 (2020)
    • Journal article
    COVID-19 infection associated with autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
    Capes, Antoine[UCL] Bailly, Sarah[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] (2020) Annals of hematology — Vol. 99, no.7, p. 1679-1680 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Diagnosis of middle lobe atelectasis with lung ultrasonography.
    Mingoia, Anthony[UCL] Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] (2021) Intensive care medicine — Vol. 47, no.8, p. 906-907 (2021)
    • Journal article
    Determinants of IgG antibodies kinetics after severe and critical COVID-19.
    De Greef, Julien[UCL] Scohy, Anaïs[UCL] Zech, Francis[UCL] Aboubakar Nana, Frank[UCL] Pilette, Charles[UCL] Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] Pothen, Lucie[UCL] Yildiz, Halil[UCL] Belkhir, Leïla[UCL] Yombi, Jean Cyr[UCL] (2021) Journal of medical virology — Vol. 93, no. 9, p. 5416-5424 (2021)
    • Speech
    Automated digital quantification of parenchymal lung fibrosis in COVID-19 related and -unrelated ARDS
    Gérard, Ludovic[UCL] (2022) Congrès de la Société Belge de Soins intensifs SIZ —