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    • Journal article
    Synergistic effects altering reaction pathways: The case of glucose hydrogenation over Fe-Ni catalysts
    Fu, Yang[UCL] Ding, Lipeng[UCL] Singleton, Michael L.[UCL] Idrissi, Hosni[UCL] Hermans, Sophie[UCL] (2021) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental — Vol. 288, p. 119997 (2021)
    • Journal article
    Carbon‐Nanotube‐Appended PAMAM Dendrimers Bearing Iron(II) α‐Keto Acid Complexes: Catalytic Non‐Heme Oxygenase Models
    Sheet, Debobrata[UCL, Department of Chemistry, Presidency University, India] Bera, Abhijit Fu, Yang[UCL] Desmecht, Antonin[UCL] Riant, Olivier[UCL] Hermans, Sophie[UCL] (2019) Chemistry – A European Journal — Vol. 25, p. 9191-9196 (2019)