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    • Journal article
    Selective Advantage of Fra (x) Heterozygotes
    Vogel, F. Crusio, WE. Kovac, C. Fryns, JP. Freund, M. (1990) Human Genetics — Vol. 86, no. 1, p. 25-32 (1990)
    • Journal article
    Leighs Disease - Several Nosological Entities With An Identical Histopathological Complex
    Walter, GF. Brucher, Jean-Marie[UCL] Martin, JJ. Ceuterick, C. Pilz, P. Freund, M. (1986) Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology — Vol. 12, no. 1, p. 95-107 (1986)
    • Journal article
    S-100 Protein in Amniotic-fluid of Anencephalic Fetuses
    Sindic, Christian[UCL] Freund, M. Vanregemorter, N. Dumoulin, Christine[UCL] Masson, PL. (1984) Prenatal Diagnosis — Vol. 4, no. 4, p. 297-302 (1984)
    • Journal article
    Considerations about the cloverleaf skull.
    Dambrain, R. Freund, M. Verellen, Gaston[UCL] Pellerin, P Francke, J P Dhem, Antoine[UCL] (1987) Journal of craniofacial genetics and developmental biology — Vol. 7, no. 4, p. 387-401 (1987)
    • Journal article
    Effect of Estradiol Treatment On Male-mice Synaptonemal Complexes - Difference of Sensitivity Between Neonates and Adults
    Masumbuko, MB. Demeyer, R. Freund, M. (1992) Genetica : the international journal on genetics — Vol. 87, no. 3, p. 127-140 (1992)
    • Journal article
    Fetal Lung Maturation in Congenital Diaphragmatic-hernia
    Moya, FR. Thomas, VL. Romaguera, J. Mysore, MR. Maberry, M. Bernard, Alfred[UCL] Freund, M. (1995) American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology — Vol. 173, no. 5, p. 1401-1405 (1995)
    • Journal article
    Classical Ehlers-Danlos syndrome caused by a mutation in type I collagen
    Nuytinck, L. Freund, M. Lagae, Lieven[UCL] Piérard, G. E. Hermanns-Le, T De Paepe, A. (2000) American Journal of Human Genetics — Vol. 66, no. 4, p. 1398-1402 (2000)