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    • Speech
    Infection Dynamic of Symbiotic Bacteria in the Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum : Gut and Host Immune Response at the Early Steps in the Infection Process
    Renoz, François[UCL] Noël, Christine[UCL] Errachid, Abdelmounaim[UCL] Foray, Vincent[UCL] Hance, Thierry[UCL] (2015) 5th Annual Yosemite Symbiosis Workshop 2015, Sierra Nevada Research Institute — Wawona, United States of America
    • Speech
    Insects - endosymbionts relationships: mechanisms and phenotypes associated with the facultative endosymbiont S. symbiotica in the pea aphid A. pisum
    Renoz, François[UCL] Foray, Vincent[UCL] Hance, Thierry[UCL] (2013) 19th European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology (EMPSEB 19) — Exeter, United Kingdom
    • Speech
    Serratia symbiotica from A. fabae: from genome to associated phenotypes
    Renoz, François[UCL] Foray, Vincent[UCL] Grigorescu , Alina S. sabri, Ahmed Hance, Thierry[UCL] (2013) 8th Meeting of the International Aphid Genomics Consortium (IAGC) — Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom
    • Journal article
    Using multiple traits to estimate the effects of heat shock on the fitness of Aphidius colemani
    Jerbi, Mey Grissa, Kaouthar Foray, Vincent[UCL] Muratori, Frédéric Hance, Thierry[UCL] (2015) Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata — Vol. 155, no.1, p. 18-27 (2015)
    • Journal article
    Impact of differences in nutritional quality of wingless and winged aphids on parasitoid fitness
    Pirotte, Jennifer [UCL] Lorenzi, Ange Foray, Vincent Hance, Thierry[UCL] (2018) The Journal of Experimental Biology — Vol. 221, no.20, p. jeb185645 (2018)