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    • Journal article
    Requirements & Specification Exemplars
    Feather, Martin S. Fickas, Stephen Finkelstein, Anthony van Lamsweerde, Axel[UCL] (1997) Automated Software Engineering : the international journal of automated reasoning and artificial intelligence in software engineering — Vol. 4, no.4, p. 419-438 (1997)
    • Speech
    Reconciling system requirements and runtime behavior
    Feather, Martin Fickas, Stephen van Lamsweerde, Axel[UCL] Ponsard, Christophe[UCL] (1998) Ninth International Workshop on Software Specification and Design — Ise-Shima
    • Speech
    Goal-directed concept acquisition in requirements elicitation
    Dardenne, Anne[FUNDP] Fickas, Stephen van Lamsweerde, Axel[UCL] (1991) 6th international workshop on Software specification and design —