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    • Journal article
    Continuous intravenous infusion of a low-molecular-weight heparin during allogenic haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.
    Boeras, Anca Lambert, Catherine Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] Hermans, Cédric[UCL] (2008) Blood coagulation & fibrinolysis : an international journal in haemostasis and thrombosis — Vol. 19, no. 7, p. 735-7 (2008)
    • Journal article
    Clinical implications of JAK2 mutations in myeloproliferative disorders.
    Knoops, Laurent[UCL] Hermans, Cédric[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Constantinescu, Stefan N.[UCL] (2008) Acta clinica Belgica — Vol. 63, no. 2, p. 93-8 (2008)