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    • Journal article
    Toward functioning and usable brain-computer interfaces (BCIs): a literature review.
    Pasqualotto, Emanuele[UCL] Federici, Stefano Belardinelli, Marta Olivetti (2012) Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technology — Vol. 7, no. 2, p. 89-103 (2012)
    • BookChapter
    BCI - The New Landscape In Assistive Technology
    Pasqualotto, Emanuele[UCL] Federici, Stefano Olivetti Belardinelli, Marta Birbaumer, Niels (2012) Assistive Technology Assessment: A Handbook for Professionals in Disability, Rehabilitation and Health Professions — [ISBN : 978-1-4398-3865-5]
    • BookChapter
    Usability of Brain Computer Interfaces
    Pasqualotto, Emanuele[UCL] Federici, Stefano Simonetta, Alessandro Olivetti Belardinelli, Marta (2011) Assistive Technology Research Series: Everyday technology for independence and care — [ISBN : 978-1-60750-813-7]
    • BookChapter
    Usability Evaluation of BCIs
    Pasqualotto, Emanuele[UCL] Simonetta, Alessandro Federici, Stefano Olivetti Belardinelli, Marta (2009) Assistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive Environments - AAATE 2009 — [ISBN : 978-1-60750-042-1]
    • Journal article
    Extracting neurophysiological signals reflecting users’ emotional and affective responses to BCI use: A systematic literature review
    Liberati, Giulia[UCL] Federici, Stefano Pasqualotto, Emanuele[UCL] (2015) NeuroRehabilitation : an interdisciplinary journal — Vol. 37, no.3, p. 341-358 (2015)
    • BookChapter
    Using brain-computer interfaces for motor rehabilitation
    Liberati, Giulia[UCL] Pasqualotto, Emanuele Federici, Stefano (2017) Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook, Second Edition — [ISBN : 9781498774116]