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    • Journal article
    Syndrome pulmonaire secondaire à une infection par virus de Hantaan.
    Gizzi, Marco[UCL] Dive, Alain-Michel[UCL] Michaux, Isabelle[UCL] Delaere, Bénédicte[UCL] Evrard, Patrick[UCL] Weynand, Birgit[UCL] Bulpa, Pierre[UCL] (2012) Vaisseaux-Coeur-Poumons — Vol. 17, no.4, p. 52-53 (2012)
    • Journal article
    Another case of "European hantavirus pulmonary syndrome" with severe lung, prior to kidney, involvement, and diagnosed by viral inclusions in lung macrophages.
    Gizzi, Marco[UCL] Delaere, Bénédicte[UCL] Weynand, Birgit[UCL] Clement, J Maes, P Vergote, V Laenen, L Hjelle, B Verroken, Alexia[UCL] Dive, Alain-Michel[UCL] Michaux, Isabelle[UCL] Evrard, Patrick[UCL] Creytens, D Bulpa, Pierre[UCL] (2013) European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases : an international journal on pathogenesis, diagnosis, epidemiology, therapy, and prevention of infectious diseases — (2013)
    • Journal article
    Flecainide-associated interstitial pneumonitis.
    Hantson, Philippe[UCL] Evrard, Patrick[UCL] Mahieu, Paul[UCL] Wallemacq, Pierre[UCL] Friob, Malou[UCL] Hassoun, Alexandre[UCL] (1991) Lancet — Vol. 337, no. 8737, p. 371-372 (1991)
    • Journal article
    Passenger lymphocyte syndrome mimicking hemolytic uremic syndrome after lung transplantation.
    Horlait, Geoffrey Bulpa, Pierre[UCL] Evrard, Patrick[UCL] (2013) The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation — Vol. 32, no.2, p. 271-2 (2013)
    • Speech
    Functional Outcome in Patients Aged 80 Or Over 6 Months After An Icu Stay
    Magnette, C.[UCL] Michaux, Isabelle Bouhon, S.[UCL] Bulpa, Pierre Evrard, Patrick[UCL] Dive, Alain-Michel (2010) 23rd Annual Meeting of the European-Society-of-Intensive-Care-Medicine — Barcelona(Spain)