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    • Journal article
    Mitral valve procedures in ischemic regurgitation.
    Dion, Robert[UCL] Benetis, R Elias, B. Guennaoui, T Raphaël, Daniel[UCL] Van Dyck, Michel[UCL] Noirhomme, Philippe[UCL] Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] (1995) The Journal of heart valve disease — Vol. 4 Suppl 2, p. S124-9; discussion S129-31 (1995)
    • Journal article
    Towards mismatched DNA photoprobes and photoreagents: “elbow-shaped” Ru(ii) complexes
    Deraedt, Q.[UCL] Marcélis, L.[UCL] Loiseau, F. Elias, B.[UCL] (2017) Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers — Vol. 4, p. 91-103 (2017)
    • Journal article
    Recycling of arterial grafts during reoperative coronary artery operations.
    Noirhomme, Philippe[UCL] Underwood, M J El Khoury, Gebrine[UCL] Glineur, David[UCL] Elias, B. d'Udekem, Y Dion, R A (1999) The Annals of thoracic surgery — Vol. 67, no. 3, p. 641-4 (1999)
    • Journal article
    Contributions of the video-assisted approach to thyroid and parathyroid surgery.
    Mourad, Michel[UCL] Pugin, Fr[UCL] Elias, B.[UCL] Malaise, Jacques[UCL] Coche, Edgard[UCL] Jamar, François[UCL] Maiter, Dominique[UCL] Daumerie, Chantal[UCL] Squifflet, Jean-Paul[UCL] (2002) Acta Chirurgica Belgica (Bilingual Edition) — Vol. 102, no. 5, p. 323-327; discussion 327-328 (2002)