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    • Speech
    On classification problem for decision-making in adaptive control systems
    Dotu, H. (1976) Proceedings of the 1976 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control including the 15th Symposium on Adaptive Processes — Clearwater, FL, USA
    • Journal article
    [Spatial Filtration of Landsat Data for the Urban Cartography]
    Bozet, M. Dotu, H. Installe, Michel[UCL] Wilmet, Jules[UCL] (1980) Annales des Mines — Vol. 186, no. 4-5, p. 140-147 (1980)
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    Learning algorithms for discriminant function solution of the minimum error classification problem
    Dotu, H. (1976) 3rd International Joint Conference on Pattern Recognition — Coronado, CA, USA
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    On training algorithms for minimizing probability of decision error
    Dotu, H. Installe, Michel[UCL] (1978) Proceedings of the 1978 Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Processing — Chicago, IL, USA