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    Point mémoire analogique basse tension basé sur l'effet GIDL
    Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] Butaye, Olivier[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2004) TAISA 2004 - 5ème Colloque sur le Traitement Analogique de l'Information, du Signal et ses Applications — Lausanne (Suisse)
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    A current-mode CMOS loser-take-all with minimum function for neural computations
    Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] Dualibe, Carlos Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2000) IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS'2000) — Geneva (Switzerland)
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    A robust nonlinear projection method
    Lee, John Aldo[UCL] Lendasse, Amaury[UCL] Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2000) European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN'2000) — Bruges (Belgium)
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    Recursive learning rules for SOMs
    Lee, John Aldo[UCL] Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2001) Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps (WSOM 2001) — Lincoln (UK)
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    Extraction of intrinsic dimension using CCA-Application to blind sources separation.
    Lendasse, Amaury[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] Wertz, Vincent[UCL] (1999) European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN'99) — Bruges (Belgium)
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    Design of Complementary Low-Power CMOS Architectures for Looser-take-all and Winner-take-all.
    Dualibe, Carlos Verleysen, Michel[UCL] Donckers, Nicolas[UCL] (1999) 7th International Conference on Microelectronics for Neural, Fuzzy and Bio-Inspired Systems (MicroNeuro'99) — Granada (Spain)