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    • Speech
    Multifunctional Hybrids for Electromagnetic Absorption
    Quiévy, N. Huynen, Isabelle[UCL] Bailly, Christian[UCL] Detrembleur, Christophe[UCL] Eggermont, S.[UCL] Bollen, Pierre[UCL] Molenberg, Isabel[UCL] Thomassin, J.M. Monnerau, L. Urbanczyk, L. Pardoen, Thomas[UCL] (2011) Second International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials — Strasbourg, France
    • BookChapter
    Foamed Nanocomposites for EMI Shielding Applications
    Molenberg, Isabel[UCL] Huynen, Isabelle[UCL] Baudouin, Anne-Christine[UCL] Bailly, Christian[UCL] Thomassin, Jean-Michel Detrembleur, Christophe (2010) Advanced Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies: Semiconductor Devices Circuits and Systems — [ISBN : 978-953-307-031-5]
    • Speech
    PMMA/carbon nanotube nanocomposites foams for EMI shielding application
    Thomassin, Jean-Michel Molenberg, Isabel[UCL] Huynen, Isabelle[UCL] Alexandre, Michael Jérome, Christine Detrembleur, Christophe (2011) International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT2011) — , Singapore
    • Journal article
    Electromagnetic absorption properties of carbon nanotube nanocomposite foam filling honeycomb waveguide structures
    Quiévy, Nicolas[UCL] Bollen, Pierre[UCL] Thomassin, Jean-Marie Detrembleur, Christophe Pardoen, Thomas[UCL] Bailly, Christian[UCL] Huynen, Isabelle[UCL] (2012) IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility (special issue on Nanotechnology) — Vol. 54, no. 1, p. 47-53 (February 2012)