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    • Speech
    Preliminary results on the quantification and SEM observations of amorphous silica in Cameroon rivers
    Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] Cardinal, D Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] André, L. (2006) Workshop on the global transport of amorphous silica by rivers — Paris, France
    • Speech
    Soil fertility is concentrated in the clay of sandy soils in Northeast Thailand.
    Caignet, Isabelle[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2006) Day of young soil scientist 2006 — Brussels, Royal academies of Belgium for science and tha arts
    • Speech
    Effects of destruction and burial dates of cover crops on runoff, erosion, organic carbon losses and phosporus transfer in a maize cropping system
    Laloy, Eric[UCL] Devillers, Caroline[UCL] Bielders, Charles[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2006) Thematic Day 2006 of Soil Science Society of Belgium "On and off site effects of soil erosion and soil conservation" — Royal Academies of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels
    • Journal article
    Silicon isotopic fractionation by banana (Musa spp.) grown in a continuous nutrient flow device
    Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] Cardinal, D. Henriet, Céline[UCL] Draye, Xavier[UCL] André, L. Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2006) Plant and Soil : international journal on plant-soil relationships — Vol. 285, no. 1-2, p. 333-345 (2006)
    • Journal article
    Sulphate sorption at high equilibrium concentration in Andosols
    Delfosse, Thomas[UCL] Delmelle, Pierre Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2006) Geoderma — Vol. 136, no. 3-4, p. 716-722 (2006)
    • Speech
    Effects, distribution and uptake of silicon in banana (Musa spp.) under controlled conditions
    Henriet, Céline[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] Draye, Xavier[UCL] Oppitz, I. Swennen, R. (2006) 1st International Meeting on Microbial Phosphate Solubilization — Salamanca(Spain)
    • Journal article
    Silicon isotope fractionation between plant parts in banana: In situ vs. in vitro
    Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] Cardinal, Damien Henriet, Céline[UCL] André, Luc Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2006) Journal of Geochemical Exploration — Vol. 88, no. 1-3, p. 224-227 (2006)