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    • Journal article
    Groundwater flow modelling in the central zone of Hanoi, Vietnam
    Jusseret, Simon[UCL] Dassargues, Alain Tam, Vu Thanh (2009) Hydrogeology Journal — Vol. 17, no. 4, p. 915-934 (2009)
    • Speech
    Hydrology and gravimetry
    Van Camp, Michel Dassargues, Alain Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] Watlet, Olivier De Viron, Olivier Kaufmann, Olivier Crommen, Olivier (2015) Hydrology, Geophysics and Geodesy - A new way to manage water resources — Rochefort, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Bayesian data fusion applied to water table spatial mapping
    Fasbender, Dominique[UCL] Peeters, L. Bogaert, Patrick[UCL] Dassargues, Alain[UCL] (2008) Water Resources Research — Vol. 44, no. 12 (2008)