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    • Journal article
    NaCl impact on Kosteletzkya pentacarpos seedlings simultaneously exposed to cadmium and zinc toxicities
    Zhou, Mingxi[UCL] Dailly, Hélène[UCL] Renard, Marie Eve[UCL] Han, Rui-Ming Lutts, Stanley[UCL] (2018) Environmental Science and Pollution Research — , no.N/a, p. 1-13 (2018)
    • Journal article
    The salicylic acid analog 2,6-dichloroisonicotinic acid has specific impact on the response of the halophyte plant species Solanum chilense to salinity
    Gharbi, Emna[UCL] Martinez, Juan-Pablo Benahmed, Hela Dailly, Hélène[UCL] Quinet, Muriel[UCL] Lutts, Stanley[UCL] (2017) Plant Growth Regulation : an international journal on plant growth and development — Vol. 82, no.3, p. 517-525 (2017)