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    • Speech
    Biochar supplying plant-available Si in soils with contrasting weathering degrees
    Li, Zimin[UCL] Dufour, Nicolas[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] Cornélis, Jean-Thomas (2015) SSSB 2015 — Royal academy of Science et the Arts, Brussels
    • Speech
    Evolution of C dynamics, microorganism populations and soil-forming processes in a podzolic chronosequence
    Vermeire, Marie-Liesse[UCL] Doetterl, Sebastian Bodé, Samuel Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] Van Oost, Kristof[UCL] Cornélis, Jean-Thomas[UCL] (2014) Soil processes : is the whole system regulated at "hot sports" ? — Deutsche Bodenkunbdliche Gesellschaft, Freising
    • Speech
    Ge/Si ratios and Si isotopes tracing mechanisms controlling the release of dissolved silicon in forest soil solutions
    Cornélis, Jean-Thomas[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] Cardinal, Damien André, Luc Ranger, Jacques Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] (2009) 3rd Workshop on the aqueous chemistry and biochemistry of silicon, Silicon by the sea — San Diego, USA
    • Speech
    Soil weathering degree controls Si bioavailability by increased pH after biochar amendment
    Li, Zimin[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] Cornélis, Jean-Thomas (2018) Day of Yong Soil ScIentists 2018 DYYS2018 — Brussels, Belgium
    • Speech
    Impact of tree species on the distribution of amorphous silica in an acid brown soil
    Cornélis, Jean-Thomas[UCL] Ranger , Jacques Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] (2009) International conference geologica belgica – Challenge for the planet: earth science’s prespective — Ghent (Belgium)
    • Journal article
    Tree species impact the terrestrial cycle of silicon through various uptakes
    Cornélis, Jean-Thomas[UCL] Delvaux, Bruno[UCL] Ranger, J. Iserentant, Anne[UCL] (2010) Biogeochemistry : an international journal — Vol. 97, no. 2-3, p. 231-245 (2010)