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    • Journal article
    Classification of the Immune Composition in the Tumor Infiltrate.
    Brusa, Davide[UCL] Balligand, Jean-Luc[UCL] (2019) Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) — Vol. 1979, p. 305-315 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Mitochondria participate in chemoresistance to cisplatin in human ovarian cancer cells
    Zampieri, Luca[UCL] Grasso, Debora[UCL] Bouzin, Caroline[UCL] Brusa, Davide[UCL] Rossignol, Rodrigue Sonveaux, Pierre[UCL] (2020) Molecular Cancer Research — Vol. 18, no. 9, p. 1379-1391 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Redox regulation of nitrosyl-hemoglobin in human erythrocytes.
    Dei Zotti, Flavia[UCL] Verdoy, Roxane[UCL] Brusa, Davide[UCL] Lobysheva, Irina[UCL] Balligand, Jean-Luc[UCL] (2020) Redox biology — Vol. 34, p. 101399 [1-10] (2020)
    • Speech
    Platelet subpopulations in decompensated cirrhotic children.
    van Dievoet, Marie-Astrid[UCL] Horman, Sandrine[UCL] Brusa, Davide[UCL] De Magnee, Catherine[UCL] Dhalqvist, G[UCL] Pirotte, Thierry[UCL] Stéphenne, Xavier[UCL] (2023) 31st Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) — Montréal, Canada