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    • Journal article
    Comparison of thermostable macromolecular antigens from leprosy-associated bacteria.
    Baelden, M C Bouckaert, André[UCL] Grégoire, D van de Poele, M Coene, M. (1994) Canadian journal of microbiology — Vol. 40, no. 6, p. 508-12 (1994)
    • Journal article
    The probability of a successful treatment of infertility by in-vitro fertilization.
    Bouckaert, André[UCL] Psalti, I. Loumaye, E. de Cooman, Serge[UCL] Thomas, Karl[UCL] (1994) Human reproduction (Oxford, England) — Vol. 9, no. 3, p. 448-55 (1994)