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    • Journal article
    Assessment of the Chignon ® dynamic ankle-foot orthosis using instrumented gait analysis in hemiparetic adults
    Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Caty, Gilles[UCL] Lejeune, Thierry[UCL] Detrembleur, Christine[UCL] (2008) Annales de réadaptation et de médicine physique — Vol. 51, no. 3, p. 154-160 (2008)
    • Journal article
    Comparison between tibial nerve block with anaesthetics and neurotomy in hemiplegic adults with spastic equinovarus foot.
    Deltombe, Thierry[UCL] Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Gustin, Thierry[UCL] (2015) Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine — Vol. 58, no. 2, p. 54-59 (2015)
    • Journal article
    You said childhood sexuality...
    Esmieu, Stéphanie[UCL] Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Michaux, Nathalie[UCL] Legros, J.-J. Godenir, Fabrice[UCL] (2011) Louvain médical — Vol. 130, no.6, p. 184-185 (2011)
    • Journal article
    Treatment of genu recurvatum in hemiparetic adult patients: A systematic literature review.
    Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Bleyenheuft, Yannick[UCL] Hanson, Philippe[UCL] Deltombe, Thierry[UCL] (2010) Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine — Vol. 53, no. 3, p. 189-99 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Kinematic covariation in pediatric, adult and elderly subjects : Is gait control influenced by age?
    Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Detrembleur, Christine[UCL] (2012) Clinical Biomechanics — Vol. 27, no. 6, p. 568-572 (2012)
    • Journal article
    Influence of ankle-foot orthoses on kinematic segmental covariation among stroke patients.
    Bleyenheuft, Corinne Deltombe, Thierry[UCL] Detrembleur, Christine[UCL] (2013) Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine — Vol. 56, no. 1, p. 3-13 (Feb 2013)
    • Speech
    Could gait mechanics reveal psychiatric hemiplegia
    Bleyenheuft, Corinne[UCL] Detrembleur, Christine[UCL] (2012) Eur J Phys Rehab Med — Thessaloniki, Grèce