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    • Speech
    Social network analysis of alternative local food systems in Belgium
    Dedeurwaerdere, Tom[UCL] De Schutter, Olivier[FUSL] De Snijder, Pepijn Bleeckx, Thomas Vivero Pol, Jose Luis[UCL] Joachain, Hélène Hudon, Marek Avermaete, Tessa (2015) 11th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics 2015 — Leeds (United Kingdom)
    • BookChapter
    Use of spontaneous sexually produced new landrace of vegetatively propagated crop of the Andes (Oxalis tuberosa Mol.) to enhance in situ conservation
    Bonnave, Maxime[UCL] Bleeckx, Thomas Terrazas, F. Bertin, Pierre[UCL] (2016) Enhancing Crop genepool use : capturing wild relative and lanrace diversity crop improvment — [ISBN : 9781780646138]