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    • Journal article
    La kinésithérapie dans l’exacerbation de la BPCO
    Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Coppens, Thibault[UCL] Reychler, Gregory[UCL] Roeseler, Jean[UCL] (2010) La Lettre du Pneumologue — Vol. 13, p. 69-77 (2010)
    • Speech
    Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist Can Improve Arterial Oxygenation
    Piquilloud, L. Roeseler, Jean[UCL] Vignaux, L. Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Jolliet, P. Tassaux, D. (2010) 23rd Annual Meeting of the European-Society-of-Intensive-Care-Medicine — Barcelona(Spain)
    • Journal article
    Atélectasie du poumon droit : intérêt du Cough-Assist® ?
    Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Coppens, Thibault[UCL] Roeseler, Jean (2010) Kinésithérapie : la revue — Vol. 10, no.104-105, p. 19-22 (2010)
    • Speech
    Feasibility and patient perception of early mobilization in a Belgian ICU
    Hickmann, Cheryl[UCL] Castanares Zapatero, Diego[UCL] Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Dugernier, Jonathan[UCL] Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] Tirone, Giuseppe[UCL] Roeseler, Jean[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] (2015) 3rd European Conference on Weaning & Rehabilitation in Critically ill Patients — Copenhague
    • Journal article
    Closed-loop ventilation mode (IntelliVent®-ASV) in intensive care unit: a randomized trial.
    Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] Vignaux, Laurence[UCL] Roeseler, Jean[UCL] Wysocki, Marc[UCL] Meyer, Johannes[UCL] Reychler, Gregory[UCL] Novotni, Dominik[UCL] Sottiaux, Thierry[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] (2016) Minerva Anestesiologica : a journal on anesthesiology, resuscitation, analgesia and intensive care — Vol. 82, no. 6, p. 657-668 (2016)
    • Speech
    High‑flow therapy allows a decreased workload of accessory respiratory muscles
    Bialais, Emilie[UCL] Dupuis, Julie[UCL] Paoloni, Laura[UCL] Reychler, Gregory[UCL] Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] (2016) Réanimation 2016, French Intensive Care Society, International congress — (France) Paris