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    • Journal article
    Effect of simulated intestinal fluid on drug permeability estimation across Caco-2 monolayers
    Ingels, F Beck, Benoit H. L.[UCL] Oth, M. Augustijns, P (2004) International Journal of Pharmaceutics — Vol. 274, no. 1-2, p. 221-232 (2004)
    • Journal article
    A fast exchange algorithm for designing focused libraries in lead optimization
    Le Bailly de Tilleghem, Céline[UCL] Beck, Benoit H. L.[UCL] Boulanger, Bruno Govaerts, Bernadette[UCL] (2005) Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling — Vol. 45, no. 3, p. 758-767 (2005)
    • Journal article
    Implementation of a phase 1 adaptive clinical trial in a treatment of type 2 diabetes
    Tibaldi, Fabian S.[UCL] Beck, Benoit H. L.[UCL] Bedding, Alun (2008) Drug Information Journal — Vol. 42, no. 5, p. 455-465 (2008)
    • Journal article
    A unified approach to fast teller queues and ATM
    Beck, Benoit H. L.[UCL] Dabrowski, AR McDonald, DR (1999) Advances in Applied Probability — Vol. 31, no. 3, p. 758-787 (1999)