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    • Journal article
    Automation of the matrix element reweighting method
    Artoisenet, Pierre Lemaitre, Vincent[UCL] Maltoni, Fabio[UCL] Mattelaer, Olivier[UCL] (2010) Journal of High Energy Physics — Vol. 12, p. 068 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Unravelling tt¯h via the Matrix Element Method
    Artoisenet, Pierre[UCL] de Aquino, Priscila[UCL] Maltoni, Fabio[UCL] Mattelaer, Olivier[UCL] (2013) Physical Review Letters — Vol. 111, no.9, p. 091802 [5 pages] (2013)
    • Speech
    New Developments in MadGraph/MadEvent
    Alwall, J. Artoisenet, Pierre[UCL] de Visscher, Simon[UCL] Duhr, Claude[UCL] Frederix, Rikkert[UCL] Herquet, Michel[UCL] Mattelaer, Olivier[UCL] (2008) Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions — Seoul, South Korea