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    • Journal article
    The artificial ovary: current status and future perspectives
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] Shikanov, Ariella (2016) Future Oncology — Vol. 12, no.20, p. 2323-2332 (2016)
    • Speech
    Bioengineering the ovary
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2009) First World Congress of the International Society for Fertility Preservation — Brussels
    • Speech
    Cryopreservation of isolated sheep primordial follicles
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2008) Workshop of the European Science Foundation on “Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue in cancer patients, farm animals and endangered species” — Heidelberg
    • Journal article
    Cryopreservation of oocytes from pre-antral follicles.
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] Gonçalves, Paulo Bayard Dias Figueiredo, José Ricardo de (2003) Human Reproduction Update — Vol. 9, no. 2, p. 119-129 (March 2003)
    • Speech
    New steps towards the artificial ovary
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2014) 15th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine — Tehran - Iran
    • BookChapter
    Artificial ovary
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2011) Principles and Practice of Fertility Preservation — [ISBN : 978-0-521-19695-6]
    • Speech
    Next steps towards the transplantable artificial ovary
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2015) Freezing of oocytes, embryos and ovarian tissue: focus on fertility management and fertility preservation — Brussels - Belgium
    • Speech
    Fibrin as a matrix to transplant isolated preantral follicles
    Andrade Amorim, Christiani[UCL] (2015) 4th TERMIS World Congress — Boston - USA