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    • Journal article
    [Bell's palsy and cardiomyopathy in the postpartum: case report and review of the literature].
    Salame, Y Tsepelidis, S Roelants, Fabienne[UCL] Leblicq, P Flamant, M Gosseries, C (2011) Revue Médicale de Bruxelles — Vol. 32, no.1, p. 39-42 (janvier février)
    • Journal article
    Intercameral Relations in a Bicameral Elected and Sortition Legislature
    Vandamme, Pierre-Etienne[UCL] Jacquet, Vincent[UCL] Niessen, Christoph[UCL] Pitseys, John[UCL] Reuchamps, Min[UCL] (2018) Politics & Society — Vol. 46, no. 3, p. 381-400 (2018)
    • Journal article
    Historical analogies and Intractable Negotiation
    Rosoux, Valérie[UCL] (2019) International Negotiation — Vol. 24, no.3, p. 493-522 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Globalizing labor and the world economy: the role of human capital
    Delogu, Marco Docquier, Frédéric[UCL] Machado, Joël (2018) Journal of Economic Growth — Vol. 23, no.2, p. 223-258 (2018)
    • Journal article
    Religion, Fertility, and Growth in Southeast Asia
    De la Croix, David[UCL] Delavallade, Clara (2018) International Economic Review — Vol. 59, no. 2, p. 907-946 (2018)
    • Journal article
    Endogenous Childlessness and Stages of Development
    Baudin, Thomas de la Croix, David[UCL] Gobbi, Paula Eugenia (2018) Journal of the European Economic Association — , p. 1-83