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    • Journal article
    Delineation of myocardial viability with PET.
    Grandin, Cécile[UCL] Wijns, William[UCL] Melin, Jacques[UCL] Bol, Anne[UCL] Robert, Annie[UCL] Heyndrickx, Guy[UCL] Michel, Christian[UCL] Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] (1995) Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine — Vol. 36, no. 9, p. 1543-52 (1995)
    • BookChapter
    Aortic regurgitation. Medical Treatment
    Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] (2013) Current treatment of aortic regurgitation — [ISBN : 978-3-8374-1406-6]
    • Journal article
    Effect of annulus dimension and annuloplasty on bicuspid aortic valve repair
    Navarra, Emiliano[UCL] El Khoury, Gebrine[UCL] Glineur, David[UCL] Boodhwani, Munir Van Dyck, Michel[UCL] Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] Noirhomme, Philippe[UCL] de Kerchove, Laurent[UCL] (2013) European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery — Vol. 44, no.2, p. 316-323 (2013)
    • Journal article
    Repair of regurgitant bicuspid aortic valves: A systematic approach
    Boodhwani, Munir[UCL] de Kerchove, Laurent[UCL] Glineur, David[UCL] Rubay, Jean[UCL] Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] El Khoury, Gebrine[UCL] Noirhomme, Philippe[UCL] (2010) The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery — Vol. 140, no. 2, p. 276-284.e1 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Myocardial ischaemia and viability : the pivotal role of echocardiography.
    Nihoyannopoulos, Petros Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] (2011) European Heart Journal (English Edition) — Vol. 32, no. 7, p. 810-9 (2011)
    • Journal article
    The Ross operation: mid-term results.
    Rubay, Jean[UCL] Buche, Michel[UCL] El Khoury, Gebrine[UCL] Vanoverschelde, Jean-Louis[UCL] Sluysmans, Thierry[UCL] Marchandise, Baudouin[UCL] Schoevaerdts, Jean-Claude[UCL] Dion, Robert[UCL] (1999) The Annals of thoracic surgery — Vol. 67, no. 5, p. 1355-8 (1999)