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    • Speech
    Building customary law through legal periodicals. Magistrates of the Belgian Congo in the Interwar Period
    Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2017) Association of Young Legal Historians - XXIIIrd Annual Forum - History of Law and Other Humanities: Views of the Legal World across the Time — Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - "Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza"
    • Speech
    L'histoire coloniale dans l'enseignement secondaire en Belgique francophone. État des lieux
    Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2017) Débattons de notre passé colonial. Journée d'étude organisée par Bepax et Etopia — Maison des parlementaires
    • Speech
    Using Ethnography to dispense Justice. Belgian Magistrates in Katanga and their journals (1920-1960)
    Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2018) Congo Research Network Conference 2018. Congolese Studies: Past, Present, Future — University of Oxford - "St Antony’s College"
    • Speech
    The Periodical as a passport. Jewish Polish Students in the Political literary field of the Belgian Interwar Period
    Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2016) Doctoral School Programme. Special Course. Theories, Methods and Approaches in Periodical Studies — Ghent University
    • Speech
    Belgian Colonial Justice in Congo: Men and Institutions
    Piret, Bérengère[USL-B] Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2018) Twelfth European Social Science History Conference — Queen's University Belfast
    • Journal article
    Des revues et des hommes. Antoine Sohier, procureur général d'Élisabethville (1925-1934)
    Landmeters, Romain[USL-B] (2019) C@hiers du CRHIDI — Vol. 43, no.?, p. ? (NaN)