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    • Speech
    The contribution of common values and mutual trust to the ever closer union
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2016) Student debate: the UK membership of the EU — Durham European Law Institute, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom
    • Speech
    Differentiated integration: the case of European Union private international law
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2016) European Public Policy Conference: Take the Next Exit? EU policy directions between integration and fragmentation — Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) and the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Speech
    Defining digital ownership. Refurbishing the idea of property?
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) Eastern ARC Workshop: Bytes, Bodies & Souls: Interrogating Human Digitalization Workshop — University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom
    • Speech
    Three judgments mobility regimes
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2016) Postgraduate Conference: Moving Together, 4 May — Durham University, Durham Geography Instiute, United Kingdom
    • Speech
    “Towards a reputation-driven regulation in the collaborative economy?”
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) Brussels Global Law Week: Young Scholar Event on ‘Global Law of Platforms: Towards a Governance of Online Sharing Economy?’ — Centre Perelman de Philosophie du Droit (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Brussels, Belgium,
    • Speech
    A legal-historical approach to the ‘sharing economy’ movement
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) 7th Yale Doctoral Scholarship Conference: Law, Society and History, — Yale Law School, New Haven, United States
    • Speech
    The missing pieces of CSR: corporate power and social trust
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) JIRICO Colloquium — Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat/New Delhi, India
    • Speech
    Remodeling the corporate social responsibility of platforms in the sharing economy
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy — University of Lund, Lund, Sweden
    • Speech
    Trust in a world of digital platforms
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2017) Geneva Internet Law Summer School: 2nd Internet L@w Research Colloquium — University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
    • Speech
    Arbitration exclusion under the Brussels Recast Regulation: mutual trust and jurisdictional protection
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2016) Postgraduate Legal Research Conference: Embracing New Approaches — Queen Mary University London, London, United Kingdom
    • Speech
    Sanctions on platforms beyond the public/private divide
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] Marique, Yseult[USL-B] (2019) 8th Annual Cambridge International Law Conference: 'New Technologies: New Challenges for Democracy and International Law — Cambridge, UK