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    • Speech
    Using latent semantic analysis to measure coherence in essays by foreign language learners?
    Bestgen, Yves[UCL] Lories, Guy[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] (2010) 10th International Conference on statistical analysis of textual data (JADT) — Rome
    • Journal article
    Capturing L2 accuracy developmental patterns: Insights from an error-tagged EFL learner corpus
    Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2013) Modern Language Journal — Vol. 97, no. S1, p. 77–101
    • BookChapter
    Error patterns and automatic L1 identification
    Bestgen, Yves[UCL] Granger, Sylviane[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2012) Approaching Transfer through Text Classification: Explorations in the Detection-based Approach —