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    • Speech
    Detecting outliers in frontier models: A simple approach
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] (2003) Research Workshop on the State of the Art and Future Research in Efficiency Analysis — UNIV SO DENMARK, ODENSE(Denmark)
    • Speech
    Conditional nonparametric frontier models for convex and nonconvex technologies: a unifying approach
    Daraio, Cinzia Simar, Léopold[UCL] (2007) 12th International Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Conference — Ithaca(Ny)
    • Speech
    Aspects of statistical analysis in DEA-type frontier models
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1996) Advanced Workshop on Efficiency Measurement — ODENSE UNIV, ODENSE (Denmark)
    • Speech
    A general framework for frontier estimation with panel data
    Kneip, A. Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1996) Advanced Workshop on Efficiency Measurement — ODENSE UNIV, ODENSE (Denmark)
    • Speech
    Least Squares Approximations in Bayesian Analysis, with discussion, in Bayesian Statistics
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1980) First International Meeting of Bayesian Statistics — Valencia
    • Speech
    Least-Squares Approximation in Bayesian Analysis
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] Mouchart, Michel[UCL] (1979) First international Meeting on Bayesian Statistics — Valencia
    • Speech
    What is the impact of scale and specialization on the research efficiency of European universities?
    Bonaccorsi, Andrea Daraio, Cinzia Simar, Léopold[UCL] (2013) 14th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference — Vienna
    • Speech
    Theory and Applications of Least Squares Approximations in Bayesian Analysis
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1983) Second Franco-Belgian Meetings of Statistician — Louvain -la- Neuve
    • Speech
    Bayesian Prediction : Nonparametric Methods and Least Squares Approximations
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1984) 3rd Franco-Blegian Meeting of Statisticians — Rouen
    • Speech
    Discussion on “Subjective Probability Modeling with Elliptical Distributions”
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1984) Bayesian Statistics 2 : Second Valencia international meeting — Valencia
    • Speech
    Protecting Against Gross Errors : The Aid of Bayesian Methods
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1983) Second Franco-Belgian Meeting of Statisticians — Louvain-la-Neuve