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    • Speech
    Least Squares Approximations in Bayesian Analysis, with discussion, in Bayesian Statistics
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1980) First International Meeting of Bayesian Statistics — Valencia
    • Speech
    Least-Squares Approximation in Bayesian Analysis
    Simar, Léopold[UCL] Mouchart, Michel[UCL] (1979) First international Meeting on Bayesian Statistics — Valencia
    • Journal article
    Least squares approximation in Bayesian analysis
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[FUSL] (1980) Trabajos de Estadistica e Investigacion Operativa — Vol. 31, no. 1, p. 207-222 (1980)
    • Speech
    Theory and Applications of Least Squares Approximations in Bayesian Analysis
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1983) Second Franco-Belgian Meetings of Statistician — Louvain -la- Neuve
    • Speech
    Bayesian Prediction : Nonparametric Methods and Least Squares Approximations
    Mouchart, Michel[UCL] Simar, Léopold[UCL] (1984) 3rd Franco-Blegian Meeting of Statisticians — Rouen