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    • Speech
    A Certain Sense of Service: The Writing of Military Experience in Petitions, From the Hundred Years War to the American Revolution
    Verreycken, Quentin[USL-B] (2019) Rethinking the practice of petitioning in the Habsburg and Colonial World — Cambridge, Harvard University
    • Speech
    Petitions, Complaint Literature, and the Construction of a Military Identity in Late Medieval England, France, and the Low Countries
    Verreycken, Quentin[USL-B] (2019) Petitions and Petitioning in Context: When and Why do Petitions Matter? — Birkbeck, University of London
    • Speech
    The Experience of War According to Late Medieval Petitions in France, England and the Low Countries
    Verreycken, Quentin[USL-B] (2019) XXVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians — Brussels
    • Speech
    War and the City: The Urban Justice of Dijon and the Violence of Soldiers in 15th-Century Burgundy
    Verreycken, Quentin[USL-B] Beaulant, Rudi (2019) Athens Medieval Culture and War Conference — University of Athens