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    • Journal article
    Monopoly price discrimination and privacy: The hidden cost of hiding
    Belleflamme, Paul[UCL] Vergote, Wouter[USL-B] (2016) Economics Letters — Vol. 149, p. 141-144 (2016)
    • BookChapter
    La circoncision rituelle en droit belge
    Christians, Louis-Léon[UCL] Delgrange, Xavier[FUSL] Lerouxel, Hélène[FUSL] (2016) La circoncision rituelle. Enjeux de droit, enjeux de vérité — [ISBN : 9782868209559]
    • Journal article
    Net energy ratio, EROEI and the macroeconomy
    Fagnart, Jean-François[USL-B] Germain, Marc[UCL] (2016) Structural Change and Economic Dynamics — Vol. 37, no.June 2016, p. 121-126 (NaN)
    • Journal article
    From general to learners' bilingual dictionaries: Towards a more effective fulfilment of advanced learners' phraseological needs
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] Lefer, Marie-Aude[UCL] (2016) International Journal of Lexicography — Vol. Advance access, no.10.1093/ijl/ecw022, p. 1-17 (2 juin 2016)