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    • Speech
    The CETA as a new legal order. Is the EU reshaping the global legal landscape through trade agreements?
    Bailleux, Antoine[USL-B] Strowel, Alain[USL-B] (2019) The Influence of EU Economic Law in the World: How soft? How global? —
    • Journal article
    Une nouvelle directive sur le droit d’auteur à l’ère numérique
    Strowel, Alain[USL-B] (2019) Les pages : obligations, contrats et responsabilités — Vol. 2019, no.58, p. 2 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Limitations to Text and Data Mining and Consumer Empowerment: Making the Case for a Right to “Machine Legibility”
    Ducato, Rossana[UCL] Strowel, Alain[UCL] (2019) IIC - International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law — Vol. 50, no. 6, p. 649–684 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Information duties between consumer and data protection in the "Internet of Platforms": Promoting Awareness by Design
    Ducato, Rossana[UCL] Strowel, Alain[UCL] (2019) Droit de la consommation — Vol. 122-123, no.5, p. 123-149 (2019)
    • BookChapter
    The Moral Interests of Authors as Universal Signs of the Law of Autonomy: And Their Plural Recognition Within or Outside Copyright Law
    Strowel, Alain[UCL] (2019) Pluralism or Universalism in International Copyright Law — [ISBN : 9789403503554]
    • Journal article
    Hommage à Louis Van Bunnen
    Strowel, Alain[USL-B] (2019) Auteurs & Media — Vol. 2019, no.1, p. 7 (2019)
    • Journal article
    La régulation des fake news et avis factices sur les plateformes
    Strowel, Alain[UCL] Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2019) Revue internationale de droit économique — , p. 383-398 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Omnia sunt ©ommunia : des opera au Big Data
    Strowel, Alain[USL-B] (2019) Revue interdisciplinaire d'études juridiques — Vol. 2019, no.81, p. 177-209 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Towards a Purposive Copyright System – Review of the book of Daniel Gervais,
    Strowel, Alain[USL-B] (2019) Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Law — Vol. 9, no.1, p. 335-337 (2019)
    • Journal article
    La régulation des plateformes digitales : propos introductifs
    Strowel, Alain[USL-B] Culot, Henri[UCL] Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] (2019) Revue internationale de droit économique — Vol. 2019, p. 271-274 (2019)