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    • Speech
    Basic income experiments, past and future
    Vanderborght, Yannick[USL-B] (2019) International Conference on the Future of Labor, Welfare, and Social Security — Seoul, Korea
    • Speech
    Income (in)security and social protection in contemporary Japan
    Vanderborght, Yannick[UCL] (2019) Economische ontwikkelingen van Japan — KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Ethically justifiable, economically sustainable, politically achievable?
    Van Parijs, Philippe[UCL] Vanderborght, Yannick[USL-B] (2019) Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal — Vol. 40, p. 247-261 (2019)
    • Speech
    Basic income in contemporary Europe: promising steps and potential drawbacks
    Vanderborght, Yannick[USL-B] (2019) Japan Association of Basic Income Conference — The University of Tokyo, Japan
    • BookChapter
    Surfer plutôt que travailler? Une défense libérale-égalitaire du revenu de base inconditionnel
    Vanderborght, Yannick[USL-B] (2019) Le travail en mouvement — [ISBN : 978-2356715449]
    • Speech
    State and religion in Belgium: should Buddhists get financial support from public authorities?
    Vanderborght, Yannick[UCL] (2019) Public Law Seminar — Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan
    • Speech
    Income security and its current challenges: Developments in the European Union
    Vanderborght, Yannick[UCL] (2019) Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Symposium — Kobe University, Kobe, Japan