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    Extraction of multi-word units from EFL and native English corpora. The phraseology of the verb 'make'
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] Paquot, Magali[UCL] Rayson, Paul (2006) Phraseology in Motion I: Methoden und Kritik. Akten der Internationalen Tagung zur Phraseologie —
    • Speech
    Lexico-grammatical Patterns of EAP verbs: how do learners cope?
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] (2006) Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface Conference — Hannover
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    Developing Academic English writing skills: the contribution of native and learner corpora
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] (2006) 4th National Conference on EFL Writing Teaching and Research in China — Beijing
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    Phraseology: Stigmatized Cliche-ridden Usage, or Strategy for Success?
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] (2006) European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) conference — London
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    Introduction à l'atelier : Quelles machines pour enseigner la langue ?
    Antoniadis, Georges Fairon, Cédrick[UCL] Medori, Julia[UCL] Zampa, Virginie Granger, Sylviane[UCL] (2006) Verbum ex machina. Actes de la 13e conférence sur le Traitement automatique des langues naturelles — Leuven, Belgique