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    • Journal article
    Stable and Efficient Coalitional Networks
    Caulier, Jean-François[FUSL] Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Sempere-Monerris, Jose Jorge[UCL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2013) Review of Economic Design — Vol. 17, no. 4, p. 249-271 (2013)
    • Journal article
    Bargaining and Delay in Patent Licensing
    Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] Vergari, Cecilia[UCL] (2013) International Journal of Economic Theory — Vol. 9, no.4, p. 279-302 (2013)
    • Speech
    Dominance Invariant Roommate Problems
    Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Molis Banales, Elena Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] Vergote, Wouter[FUSL] (2013) Bordeaux Economic Theory Workshop on Interactions, Institutions and Design — Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, Bordeaux (France)
    • Journal article
    Relative Concerns and Delays in Bargaining with Private Information
    Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2013) GAMES — Vol. 4, no.3, p. 329-338 (NaN)
    • Journal article
    Contractually Stable Networks
    Caulier, Jean-François[FUSL] Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2013) International Journal of Game Theory — Vol. 42, no. 2, p. 483-499 (2013)