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    • Journal article
    Connections among farsighted agents
    Grandjean, Gilles J.[FUSL] Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2011) Journal of Public Economic Theory — Vol. 13, no. 6, p. 935-955 (2011)
    • Speech
    Myopic or Farsighted? An Experiment on Network Formation
    Kirchsteiger, Georg[FUSL] Mantovani, Marco[FUSL] Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2011) 11th Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory, SAET 11 — Ancao, Faro (Portugal)
    • Journal article
    Networks of manufacturers and retailers
    Mauleon, Ana[FUSL] Sempere-Monerris, Jose J. Vannetelbosch, Vincent[UCL] (2011) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization — Vol. 77, no. 3, p. 351-367 (2011)