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    • Journal article
    Lead determination in airborne particulate matter by proton activation analysis
    Desaedeleer, G. Ronneau, Claude[UCL] Apers, Désiré[UCL] (1976) Analytical Chemistry — Vol. 48, no. 3, p. 572-575 (1976)
    • Speech
    [Fall-out of pollutants from distant industrial areas in a rural environment]
    Ronneau, Claude[UCL] Desaedeleer, G. (1976) Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Development of Nuclear-Based Techniques for the Measurement, Detection and Control of Environmental Pollutants — Vienna, Austria
    • Speech
    Applicability of proton activation analysis to describe the occurrence of lead along a freeway in a rural area
    Desaedeleer, G. Ronneau, Claude[UCL] (1976) International Nuclear and Atomic Activation Analysis Conference and 19th Annual Meeting on Analytical Chemistry in Nuclear Technology — Gatlinburg, TN, USA