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    • BookChapter
    Targeting criminal proceeds: a call for equilibrium between efficiency and respect of human rights
    Fernandez-Bertier, Michaël[UCL] (2016) Human rights as a basis for reevaluating and reconstructing the law — [ISBN : 9782802754022]
    • Speech
    Conférence SPF Economie, Anti-corruption for Belgian entreprises overseas, représentant scientifique
    Fernandez-Bertier, Michaël[USL-B] (2016) Anti-corruption for Belgian entreprises overseas — Conférence SPF Economie
    • Journal article
    Pretrial diversion of corporate offenders in the US: Non/deferred prosecution agreements as a model for continental law systems?
    Fernandez-Bertier, Michaël[UCL] (2016) Revue internationale des services financiers/International Journal for Financial Services — Vol. 4, p. 183-191 (2016)