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    • Journal article
    On the Resiliency of Static Forwarding Tables
    Chiesa, Marco[UCL] Nikolaevskiy, I. Mitrovic, S. Gurtov, A. Madry, A. Schapira, M. Shenker, S. (2016) IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking — Vol. PP, no.99, p. 1-14 (2016)
    • Journal article
    A practical endoscopic procedure for jejunal intubation in presence of gastroparesia or (pseudo)-obstruction.
    Jonard, P. Schapira, M. Servais, Marc[UCL] Dive, Charles[UCL] (1990) Acta gastro-enterologica Belgica — Vol. 53, no. 4, p. 397-9 (1990)