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    • Speech
    PIXE and RBS applied to cultural heritage objects: Complementarity and limitations
    Morelle, M El Masri, Youssef[UCL] Heitz, C. Prieels, René[UCL] Van Mol, Jos[UCL] Dran, JC Salomon, J Calligaro, T Dubus, M. (2005) 8th European Conference on Accelerators in Applied Research and Technology — Natl Museum Folk Arts & Tradit, Paris (France)
    • Journal article
    Measurements of neutron-induced fission cross-sections of Tl-205, Pb-204,Pb-206,Pb-207,Pb-208 and Bi-209 with a multi-section Frisch-gridded ionization chamber
    Ryzhov, IV Tutin, G.A. Mitryukhin, AG Oplavin, VS Soloviev, SM Blomgren, J. Renberg, PU Meulders, Jean-Pierre[UCL] El Masri, Youssef[UCL] Keutgen, Thomas[UCL] Prieels, René[UCL] Nolte, R. (2006) Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research. Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors, and Associated Equipment — Vol. 562, no. 1, p. 439-448 (2006)
    • Journal article
    Elemental analysis of light constituents in thin plastic films
    El Masri, Youssef[UCL] Heitz, Ch.[UCL] Keutgen, Thomas[UCL] Dufauquez, C.[UCL] Prieels, René[UCL] Van Mol, Jos[UCL] Natowitz, J. B. (2009) Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research. Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms — Vol. 267, no. 7, p. 1158-1166 (2009)
    • Journal article
    Stabilization of the Light Output Delay of a Pulsed Nitrogen Laser
    Alaime, Clément[UCL] Bertrand, J. Bonnet, L. El Masri, Youssef[UCL] Palffy, L. Pellegrin, P. Prieels, René[UCL] (1983) Nuclear Instruments and Methods — Vol. 207, no. 3, p. 423-427 (1983)