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    • Speech
    Personalization-Privacy Paradox: The Effect of Information Transparency on Online Customer Experience
    Lambillotte, Laetitia[UCL] Yakov, B. Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2019) Thought Leaders' Conference on Privacy in the Retail Environment — Florence, Italy
    • Speech
    Understanding customer experience on personalized websites
    Lambillotte, Laetitia[UCL] Magrofuoco, Nathan[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] Vanderdonckt, Jean[UCL] (2019) 2019 AMS World Marketing Congress — Edinburgh
    • Speech
    Website personalization experience and value creation
    Lambillotte, Laetitia[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2017) 16ème Journée du Marketing Digital — Paris, France
    • Speech
    Website personalization experience: value creation or value destruction?
    Lambillotte, Laetitia[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2018) 2018 AMS World Marketing Congress — Porto
    • Speech
    When web personalization experience creates and destroys value
    Lambillotte, Laetitia[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2018) 4ème Journée de Recherche en Marketing du Grand Est — Mons