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    • Speech
    Photocleavable block copolymers : an interesting platform towards functional nanomaterials
    Gohy, Jean-François[UCL] (2011) 1st Meeting of the P2M European Network (Precision Polymer Materials) — Obernai (France)
    • Speech
    Disruption of Micelles by Light
    Bertrand, Olivier[UCL] Schumers, Jean-Marc[UCL] Fustin, Charles-André[UCL] Gohy, Jean-François[UCL] (2011) European Polymer Congress (EPF 2011) — Granada (Spain)
    • Journal article
    Synthesis of diblock copolymers bearing p-methoxyphenacyl side groups
    Bertrand, Olivier Gohy, Jean-François[UCL] Fustin, Charles-André[UCL] (2011) Polymer chemistry — Vol. 2, no. 10, p. 2284-2292 (2011)